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Cultural venue launch

The outcome:

A successful international launch of a globally significant cultural venue in the Middle East.  We created and managed the project masterplan for a week-long event programme, attended by heads of state, VIP guests and members of the public.

What we did:

Our Operations Director joined the project during the pre–production phase, acting as a key support to the Project Director.  We developed and maintained a masterplan including project milestones which became a core document, used by all stakeholders to ensure delivery stayed on track.

Moving on site with the project team, we acted as a point of contact for all team members, ensuring efficient communication different departments, and maintaining the team’s focus on the ‘big-picture’ view.

We assumed direct responsibility for media services, guest and staff hospitality, liaison with venue operations teams and operational delivery of the Opening Ceremony and a subsequent week of cultural events.

As a senior member of the project management team, we acted as a day-to-day point of contact with the client, building and maintaining constructive client relationships with particular focus on budget, project milestones and soft services.

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