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Global conference project management

The outcome:

Our project managers worked on a series conferences.  Each event ran for up to 6-days and was attended by around 1,500 delegates.  We coordinated up to 30 meeting rooms at each event, and provided show calling and technical production of key sessions

What we did:

Our project manager was responsible for meeting room allocations, liaising with client and venue stakeholders.  By matching requests for meeting space capacity, layout and AV specifications with available rooms, we optimised utilisation of up to 30 meeting rooms at each event.  We were also responsible for the technical specification of general session and breakout rooms, managing supply chains to ensure all rooms had the correct equipment based on session content and specific production riders.

Our project manager was also responsible for budget management and production scheduling, including managing union labour to avoid overtime and penalty charges.

On site, we ensured that all rooms were fully set up in time for technical and speaker rehearsals, managing a team of breakout coordinators and technical staff.  Daily briefings with the venue ensured that last-minute changes to the agenda or room layouts were highlighted and delivered by the appropriate teams.  We also provided technical production and show calling services.

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