Do It Smarter.

We want to discover the spark, to find out what sets you apart from the competition, to rediscover what excites you.

We go back to basics to understand what you do, what makes you tick and why you are good at it. We help you focus on your USP, maximise it and add value through volume, quality and profitability.

Data Analysis

Every business creates data, but not every business uses that data to optimise their product, service and profits. We turn raw data into clear, useful management metrics. This not only saves you time, it gives you specific, targeted information when you need to make decisions about your business.

It allows you to see what works and what doesn’t.

What Good Looks Like

We use data tools to understand your costs and revenue. We look past the headline figures to get into operational detail. We give you clarity on which products sell, where the profit comes from, and we match that information to customer behaviour metrics or external factors like the weather.

We help you benchmark what ‘good’ looks like, separating truth from perception. Our interactive dashboards let you see exactly what is happening in your business, what you are actually selling, to who, and when. Identifying best practice, based on actual metrics, allows you to do more of the good stuff, providing products and services your customers want to buy, in the right place at the right time. Spotting trends and opportunities and acting on them delivers sustainable growth and profits.

We help you to really understand your business and identify ways you can maximise profits day by day, product by product, customer by customer.

What Data We Look At:

  • Internal
    • CRM
    • EPOS
    • Sales & marketing
    • P&L
    • Stock control
  • External
    • Weather
    • Competition
    • Holidays & leisure
    • 3rd party reports

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