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Guide to succession resized

A Grown-Up Guide to… Succession

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What is it?

Succession is what comes next.  It’s what happens to a business when the people running it move on, and how to make that process as smooth as possible.


Who does it affect?

At some point in the life of every business, ownership will change.  It could happen for financial reasons, someone wants to sell the business for money.  It could happen for personal reasons, someone gets sick, they retire, or they just want a change in lifestyle.  There are a number of reasons ownership could change, but it will definitely happen.

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Guide to continuity resized

A Grown-Up Guide to… Business continuity

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What is it?

In short, it’s keeping your business running so it’s not affected by disruptions.  Spending a bit of time planning for those ‘hit-by-a-bus’ moments will pay back when things you never expect to happen actually do happen.


Who does it affect?

Whether you are a sole trader, an SME or a multi-national, you have clients to service, commitments to honour and you need to keep the money coming in.

No one wants to hear excuses about being ill or not having an internet connection

Your customers expect you to deliver what you promised, when you promised, for the price you promised.

Your staff probably need leadership, they definitely need to be paid, and they won’t like uncertainty.

Your suppliers need to be managed so they know what you need from them, and their invoices will need paying.  It’s not just trade suppliers either – what services do you use?  Do you have a mortgage or rent?  What about your phone bill, or utilities like electric and water bills?  Don’t forget the VAT and tax people as well – they definitely don’t like being kept waiting.

Finally there’s you.  As a business owner or director, someone who relies on the business to pay your own salary, how will you get paid if you can’t work or if the business can’t operate?

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Talent matters resized

Talent matters, so attract the best

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Written by Alex Keighley

Despite the relentless rise of technology disrupting aspects of business, and artificial intelligence becoming ever more intelligent, people are as crucial to success as ever. Look at any list of challenges facing business today and there’s one thing you won’t find missing in any of them. Against the backdrop of political instability, the unpredictable cycle of macro-economics or keeping up with the relentless charge of globalisation, how to recruit and retain highly capable, engaged and diverse talent is ever-present. People are almost inevitably a business’s most important but least stable asset; yet no matter how many CEO’s espouse the importance of their employees, levels of employee engagement are frighteningly low.

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Guide to GDPR resized

A Grown-Up Guide to… The GDPR

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What is it?

The General Data Protection Regulations.

It’s new legislation to replace the Data Protection Act, coming into effect in May 2018.  The GDPR is an EU law affecting every company based in the EU and, importantly, any company that trades with the EU, wherever they are based.  The UK will still be in the EU in May next year, and we will want to continue to trade with the EU, so it’s likely we will keep the GDPR post-Brexit.


Who does it affect?

Almost everyone, to some extent.

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Event marketing best practice step 4: Social Media & Web Stats

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Free analytical tools provided by Facebook, Twitter and Google are key for every marketer.

As Microsoft’s ownership of LinkedIn begins to take hold, we will start to see long-overdue offerings from that channel too.

When placed in the context of event marketing, these tools provide a useful way to measure the more qualitative elements of your activities.

Mapping fields such as Reach, Engagement, Followers, Sessions – all against the same time line – can really help you to understand which of your messaging is working, and which should be dropped.

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Most powerful word resized

The most powerful word in business

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I’ve been running businesses here in the UK and the USA for over 35 years and over this period, as you would imagine, one learns many things from the day to day activities and the interaction with one’s employees and clients.

We are all keen to provide rapid responses and solutions to our clients’ problems and issues but I have learned that to act in haste can cost you dearly. We all have those clients who call at the last minute and have a special requirement, saying this is a one-off occurrence etc. etc. Our first response is to take down all the relevant information, engage the efforts of our colleagues to help with the task in hand and often leave the financial element to the end only to find out the client does not have the appropriate budget or wants a special deal this one time as they will make it up to us on the next project.

I have lost count of the hundreds of times this has happened to me.

So many years ago, while suffering another of these Friday night “Oh my God I need it here yesterday” episodes, I took a step back and thought through what was actually happening.

I asked myself a series of questions…

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ME is growing up resized

The Middle East is growing up

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There was a time, a few years ago, when the get-rich-quick tales from Dubai were true.  You could go out there, have a Ferrari within a year, and get a penthouse and a boat the year after.

Those times are gone.

They are gone because all that was built on credit.  They are gone because Dubai, as part of the UAE, has grown-up.

They are even introducing VAT in 2018, but personal and corporate income will remain tax-free for the time being.

Because it’s matured, the opportunities are still there but they are more of a long-game than a quick win.

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