Automotive manufacturer

The outcome:

Better quality of data capture and provision of qualified sales leads.  This resulted in improved ROI for our client, an automotive manufacturer, allowing them to provide more opportunities to their dealer network and to track the conversion of those leads.

What we did:

Initial work with the client established that they were committing significant budget to an annual calendar of events but the actual sale of vehicles was delegated to a local dealer network, not handled by the manufacturer and overall marketing budget holder.

Over a season of events the data capture system was upgraded, using online and handheld tablet interfaces to improve the quality of the raw data, ensuring phone numbers and email addresses were captured in the correct format and removing issues around legibility of handwriting.

Raw data was cleaned to remove inaccurate or incomplete names, phone numbers and email addresses, and this clean data was provided to the local dealer network.

A specific development allowed guests to specify their ideal vehicle, including model, trim, colour and extras, providing qualified leads for the local dealers to convert the sale. These qualified leads were tracked by the manufacturer, demonstrating specific ROI from their event activity.