Event agency review

The outcome:

We helped a leading event agency in the UK to revise their project process, reducing duplication and administration to increase efficiency.  We also developed an updated pay band structure with in- and out-rates, and developed job descriptions for key roles.  These were benchmarked against the marketplace, creating a structured career progression path for full-time members of their team.


What we did:

Following a brief from the business directors, we spent time in-house with their team to get a thorough understanding of the company dynamics and processes.  By meeting stakeholders at all levels within the team we were able to identify bottlenecks in project workflow and opportunities to reduce time spent on routine administration.

Following the fact finding, we presented back to the senior leadership team.  Their existing structures and processes were good but weren’t being implemented.  We provided clarity through simple, positive reinforcement and some minor updates.  By remapping the company structure, we provided clear routes for individual and business growth and expansion and suggested ways to reduce administration and duplication of tasks.

We created a new pay-band structure to clarify existing remuneration and benefits, standardising salary and benefits by role within the business.  This also led to a scalable team structure, applicable across multiple business units, identifying progression paths through increased output, responsibility, skill and ability.

  • Date: 19th January 2020
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