International event agency

The outcome:

We developed a cost model combining three separate regional budgets and Identified a supply chain in Asia, resulting in a multi-region scope of work being awarded to our client.


What we did:

The client initially approached us for assistance with securing a supply chain in Asia.  Using our Middle East connections we were able to identify a range of suppliers, and supported the client by running an RFP process to select vendors based on quality, price and their understanding of the complexities of the brief.

Our role then developed to assist with development of an amortised budget model, allowing for a more realistic distribution of the separate regional budgets assigned by the end client.  This model allowed our client to create a package combining event delivery in two regions and creation of the overall event concept and content in all three regions.  This package offered consistency, quality and value for money to the end client.

The result was the award of a significantly increased scope of work to our client, a cost model that enabled the whole project to be delivered within budget, and a robust supply chain being created in a region where our client had limited previous exposure.

  • Date: 19th January 2020
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