International RFQ support

The outcome:

We helped our client respond to an RFQ from an international sporting event.  This resulted in them being awarded a contract valued in excess of four million USD.


What we did:

We were appointed as an agent by our client, to work as part of their in-house team to lead the response to the RFQ.  This included liaising directly with the event organiser, our client’s team and their existing supply chain to collate all the required information.

Using our experience of similar RFQs and sporting events, we carried out the required due diligence to clarify the response terms and obtain additional information from the event owner.  We provided insight into the wording of the RFQ and the response, connections to a wider supply chain and access to an international management team to support the local delivery of the project.

We delivered a full project plan including manpower, equipment, milestones and budget, allowing the RFQ response to be submitted in full, in advance of the deadline, which directly led to a successful contract award for our client.

  • Date: 19th January 2020
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