Crowd Connected partner with us in the Middle East

UK location technology business Crowd Connected has signed a partnership agreement with Grown-Up Solutions in the Middle East.

Crowd Connected’s unique Colocator platform crowd sources real-time location data, turning it into insight in milliseconds. This insight allows event, hospitality and retail venues to model guest behaviour, brought to life via an intuitive web console. On-site operations can be optimised through smarter and faster decision making, delivering distinct service and revenue advantages.

The platform also includes an audience engagement and segmentation engine, delivering unparalleled geo-targeted and trigger-based messaging capability. Messages can be sent to audience groups based on any combination of location and time, including where they are, where they have been, how many times they’ve visited certain locations, or where they haven’t yet been. This level of targeting allows relevant communications to be sent to specific audience groups, increasing engagement and enhancing the customer experience whilst avoiding message overload.

Colocator solutions are low cost and quickly deployable, and don’t require expensive hardware infrastructure. By sourcing location rather than proximity data, the platform can deliver data, messaging and insight over large physical spaces with no loss of accuracy.

Grown-Up Solutions will provide local support and facilitation for Crowd Connected in the Middle East region, providing a cost-effective route to market.

Mike Smith, Director at Grown-Up Solutions says “We’ve been operating in the region for a number of years and are very excited to be representing Crowd Connected in the Middle East. They’ve got a great platform that is incredibly relevant to this market, where a deep understanding of audience behaviour is often the key differentiator between success and failure.”

Mark Maydon, Commercial Director at Crowd Connected, adds “Grown-Up Solutions have data measurement and analysis as one of their core services, and they really understand the potential advantages that our Colocator platform can offer. We look forward to supporting clients in the Middle East as the region continues to grow over the coming years.”